Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Field Mushroom Soup?!?

After much ado...
I have a serious problem with Tim Horton's newest flavour of soup; "Field Mushroom Soup". Guess what Tim Hortons? Button, portebello's or porchini mushroom DO NOT GROW IN FIELDS!! They are grown in dark places in compost. There are other types of mushrooms that are grown in fields such as oyster.

It all has to do with what type of fungi the mushroom is. please refer to

If by any chance Tim Hortons chefs are reading this, please remember that the public is not as dumb as you think we are...and can I get some free soup because of your false advertising?

This was a far less exciting rant than I had hoped it would be. I guess I let it fester to long. Sorry Guys.

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darksiderollerchick said...

you are all about the accurate mushroom growth location protest. id almost say it was your field.

why do people always have to point out where something was grown, or comes from, often it is redundant. like the new Tim Hortons european style croissants, i notice they no longer have NA style croissants, and what makes them european? aare they topless?
(reference: Big Bang Theory S2E7)