Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beary Box Layout- Gracie

I am still in a festive mood so I decided to work on some pics from last year. I accidentally printed the pictures out glossy (which I hate because they photograph badly, and always end up covered in fingerprints... grrrr.) so my apologies for the glare.

This picture is of my cousin Grace, her parents and my parents. This was our first time actually meeting this beautiful little girl and she was so well behaved and happy even though she was only about 5 months old and it was getting late. My mom looked awkward holding her at first which I found funny. My father, being the funny guy that he is, decided that Gracie (since he had already shown the rest of the world!!) needed to hear the story of his 8-ender in curling. For those of you not familiar with curling, that is like getting a hole in 1 in golf while a gopher was trying to steal your ball. It was a lovely way to spend last boxing day and I hope you enjoy my layout.

I am excited because I found my Swartz crystals (I am not even going to try to spell the rest of it). I am also lovin the Falalala line, unfortunately its super hard to get. So I have a combo of CTMH, Falalala, Cuttlebug and punched snowflakes and a little stitching for sport.

Have a great week ladies, keep up the great work!!!

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V Colbourne said...

Awesome LO!!!!! You're definitely getting me in the festive spirit :)