Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wow. I REALLY Dropped the ball this time!

Ok I have been very lapse on posting, but I have tons of projects and ideas to share so lets get back at er.

Let's start with a quick update: business has improved slightly, I am no longer having stabbing belly pains but the doctors don't actually know why other than the low dose pain pills daily, still on leave from school but I am heading back to conquor the nerds in a few weeks. Close to my Heart has a new catologue out, our new paper is heavier and gorgeous and we have lots of great new accessories so you should totally check them out.

Moving right along; I am going to show you a workshop on the go layout that I did the other day using our "Sweetheart" set. It has liquid applique on it for a little bit of dimension, some epoxy accents and a whole slew of pictures. I did change around the colour scheme a little bit, I thought that there were too many hearts and my cotton candy stamp pad was mia so I used baby pink.

Hope you like the layout and we will see you tomorrow with another!

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