Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Many Challenges and NO Time

So today I had every intention of getting to school nice and early so I could get a whole lot of work done on my term paper so I could get out for an early walk and all that good stuff then come home and unpack my scrap gear from the crop I was at on the weekend. Well obviously my day never goes as planned EVER so I overslept (only by 3 hours though...) and then I am up the dear boy gets an email from his office. Here is the story; yesterday he called in sick with some "flu like symptoms" however just a little lower GI issue, touch of fever and maybe a little headache. Well don't they decide that he can't go back to work because he may be carrying the swine flu... yep no word of a lie. He hasn't been to Mexico, stepmother we don't live with was there maybe a month ago but has showed no symptoms, some people in his office were there but he hasn't really had contact with them. So in order for him to be let back in the door he has to be showing NO "flu like symptoms", fill out a questionaire to their satisfaction and have a doctor's note.

Even though we live in Canada and have free healthcare, getting in to see a doctor can be a pain in the butt. We are lucky that I am at university and they have a doctor each day who only does same day appointments. So I call and tell them the situation and they give us an appointment but tell us not to come into the main waiting room, so we basically get quarantined. We also get the crankiest nurse I have ever met in my life (most nurses are so wonderful, so I find her strange especially since she is always like this) who freaks out at us for pretty much wasting the doctors time. She then calls the department of health to complain about the dear boy's work even though they are only trying to protect their other 500 employees who work in the building. So I am sure that there will be some fun with that when he is finally allowed to go back.

Anyways since he isn't allowed back in the building until at least monday, we ended up taking advantage of the remainder of the gorgeous day we had and went for a walk. So we got home and I was exhausted (now I am awake though, since it is time to go to bed..) and just sorta crashed and did some bloghopping. I have to say I love having the little dashboard thing that will show me my stalkee's updates and when....

SOOO there are so many challenges want to do, but first I gotta get the stuff unpacked and probably sorted back out because there is nothing organized about a crop!!! I need a better way to pack for crops I think, I can't seem to plan ahead enough to not take anything I own. I am not a good planning scrapper, I am more a dig out absolutely everything I have and see what I like and fits scrapper. Does anyone else suffer from this problem? I don't even know how all you people with kids manage to get any scrapping at all done, especially those who work on top of that.

Well thank you for reading my mildly scrapping related rant, have a great week and happy crafting!


Sonya said...

Oh H1N1 virus! It's all a little too perfectly timed, if you ask me.

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