Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beary Box Card 7

Does anyone else feel like the past week just sorta got away from them? I don't really have that much to show for it, but I know that I didn't get anywhere near the amount of crafting done that was on my list!! I did get this card done though. It is for my friend who is a fellow mechanical engineer (hence the gears, and since I am a super nerd they are made of thick card stock so that they will actually mesh and turn if you turn the very bottom one). I love this little stamps and I played with my cuttlebug dies too. I have also realized that after 3 years it may (ok is DEFINATELY) time to get a new cutting board for my sizzix!

I have also learned that I don't have anywhere near as many sheets of die cuts as any self respecting scrapper should have. I did a combo of tracing and freehanding the shape in the corner, and given how much I love that shape I should have more of them. I mean really!!

Ladies, I wish everyone a great holiday season. Remember that calories eaten in celebration don't actually count, so enjoy all the great flavours of this time of year. I hope that Scrappy Santa finds everyone and that the only coal is from charcoal pencils....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beary Box Card Submission 6

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend. When I sat down to make this card I was not in a Christmas frame of mind, and I really wanted to play with the new stamp I bought. Since the stamp is so wonderfully girly I wanted to use a some bling and some flowers and TADA! Here you have it ladies.

I am so very into circles right now, I love this sketch and will probably use it again.... I hope everyone's holiday shopping is going well and that santa and his elves are going full out on stamps, ink, papers and all of the things us good little girls deserve in our stockings this year!!!

I am just starting my layout so it may not be done in time, but I will probably still post it if anyone cares.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beary Box Layout- Gracie

I am still in a festive mood so I decided to work on some pics from last year. I accidentally printed the pictures out glossy (which I hate because they photograph badly, and always end up covered in fingerprints... grrrr.) so my apologies for the glare.

This picture is of my cousin Grace, her parents and my parents. This was our first time actually meeting this beautiful little girl and she was so well behaved and happy even though she was only about 5 months old and it was getting late. My mom looked awkward holding her at first which I found funny. My father, being the funny guy that he is, decided that Gracie (since he had already shown the rest of the world!!) needed to hear the story of his 8-ender in curling. For those of you not familiar with curling, that is like getting a hole in 1 in golf while a gopher was trying to steal your ball. It was a lovely way to spend last boxing day and I hope you enjoy my layout.

I am excited because I found my Swartz crystals (I am not even going to try to spell the rest of it). I am also lovin the Falalala line, unfortunately its super hard to get. So I have a combo of CTMH, Falalala, Cuttlebug and punched snowflakes and a little stitching for sport.

Have a great week ladies, keep up the great work!!!

Beary Box Card Submission Week 4

If you are like me, you are reaching the point of having Christmas cards coming out your ears and even with the amazing array of new and non-traditional colour paper this year you are still getting a little sick of red and green!! For this weeks card I decided to use some less than traditional colours with a stamp that has been sadly underused this year.

The picture looks a little crooked for some reason, but trust me, my retentiveness would not allow that to happen. I think its just that my flash was giving a huge amount of glare and its about to pour out of the heavens here so its pretty freakin dark!!

Hope everyone is starting to feel festive!! Wow, I can't believe how that camera angle is bothering me.... that will get fixed once I finish my layout I think.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Colleen's Pylon Theorum

So there has been a whole lot of construction around my apartment lately. Being a keen observer of people, I have realized several things. First off; a large proportion of people forget or choose to disregard basic rules of the road shortly after attaining their lisence. This seems to become a more serious issue when there is potential for precipitation of some form or approaching major holidays.

Secondly, and the main focus of this rant, approximately 90% of people enjoy speeding. This is despite many posted limits, and I admit that I can be a speeder. What I have issues with it that there is a newly passed law which states "Speed fines will be doubled in construction areas", which I think is a fantastic idea. However, according to the majority of the population of the Halifax Regional Municipality construction zones are not defined by the large orange signs stating "Construction Zone" followed by a posted speed limit. Nor are the signs telling you that the lane you are driving in ends in 500 metres (which is a completely different rant... seriously people, why let the jerks that rush up the ending lane in? You are just encouraging them). The theorum I am putting forward today states

"Drivers of motor vehicles will not slow down for posted limits, construction signs, construction workers or flaggers; however upon spotting a pylon they will immediately slam on the brakes. Said pylon need not be in their lane, on their side of the road or even have any potential to impact their drive whatsoever, it only need be in their line of vision. Upon passing said pylon the driver will remove foot from the brake and return to pre-pylon speeding"

I have been observing this phenomenon for months now. If you can come up with significant evidence to counter this theorum, please reply in comments.