Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beary Box Card 7

Does anyone else feel like the past week just sorta got away from them? I don't really have that much to show for it, but I know that I didn't get anywhere near the amount of crafting done that was on my list!! I did get this card done though. It is for my friend who is a fellow mechanical engineer (hence the gears, and since I am a super nerd they are made of thick card stock so that they will actually mesh and turn if you turn the very bottom one). I love this little stamps and I played with my cuttlebug dies too. I have also realized that after 3 years it may (ok is DEFINATELY) time to get a new cutting board for my sizzix!

I have also learned that I don't have anywhere near as many sheets of die cuts as any self respecting scrapper should have. I did a combo of tracing and freehanding the shape in the corner, and given how much I love that shape I should have more of them. I mean really!!

Ladies, I wish everyone a great holiday season. Remember that calories eaten in celebration don't actually count, so enjoy all the great flavours of this time of year. I hope that Scrappy Santa finds everyone and that the only coal is from charcoal pencils....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beary Box Card Submission 6

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend. When I sat down to make this card I was not in a Christmas frame of mind, and I really wanted to play with the new stamp I bought. Since the stamp is so wonderfully girly I wanted to use a some bling and some flowers and TADA! Here you have it ladies.

I am so very into circles right now, I love this sketch and will probably use it again.... I hope everyone's holiday shopping is going well and that santa and his elves are going full out on stamps, ink, papers and all of the things us good little girls deserve in our stockings this year!!!

I am just starting my layout so it may not be done in time, but I will probably still post it if anyone cares.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beary Box Layout- Gracie

I am still in a festive mood so I decided to work on some pics from last year. I accidentally printed the pictures out glossy (which I hate because they photograph badly, and always end up covered in fingerprints... grrrr.) so my apologies for the glare.

This picture is of my cousin Grace, her parents and my parents. This was our first time actually meeting this beautiful little girl and she was so well behaved and happy even though she was only about 5 months old and it was getting late. My mom looked awkward holding her at first which I found funny. My father, being the funny guy that he is, decided that Gracie (since he had already shown the rest of the world!!) needed to hear the story of his 8-ender in curling. For those of you not familiar with curling, that is like getting a hole in 1 in golf while a gopher was trying to steal your ball. It was a lovely way to spend last boxing day and I hope you enjoy my layout.

I am excited because I found my Swartz crystals (I am not even going to try to spell the rest of it). I am also lovin the Falalala line, unfortunately its super hard to get. So I have a combo of CTMH, Falalala, Cuttlebug and punched snowflakes and a little stitching for sport.

Have a great week ladies, keep up the great work!!!

Beary Box Card Submission Week 4

If you are like me, you are reaching the point of having Christmas cards coming out your ears and even with the amazing array of new and non-traditional colour paper this year you are still getting a little sick of red and green!! For this weeks card I decided to use some less than traditional colours with a stamp that has been sadly underused this year.

The picture looks a little crooked for some reason, but trust me, my retentiveness would not allow that to happen. I think its just that my flash was giving a huge amount of glare and its about to pour out of the heavens here so its pretty freakin dark!!

Hope everyone is starting to feel festive!! Wow, I can't believe how that camera angle is bothering me.... that will get fixed once I finish my layout I think.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Colleen's Pylon Theorum

So there has been a whole lot of construction around my apartment lately. Being a keen observer of people, I have realized several things. First off; a large proportion of people forget or choose to disregard basic rules of the road shortly after attaining their lisence. This seems to become a more serious issue when there is potential for precipitation of some form or approaching major holidays.

Secondly, and the main focus of this rant, approximately 90% of people enjoy speeding. This is despite many posted limits, and I admit that I can be a speeder. What I have issues with it that there is a newly passed law which states "Speed fines will be doubled in construction areas", which I think is a fantastic idea. However, according to the majority of the population of the Halifax Regional Municipality construction zones are not defined by the large orange signs stating "Construction Zone" followed by a posted speed limit. Nor are the signs telling you that the lane you are driving in ends in 500 metres (which is a completely different rant... seriously people, why let the jerks that rush up the ending lane in? You are just encouraging them). The theorum I am putting forward today states

"Drivers of motor vehicles will not slow down for posted limits, construction signs, construction workers or flaggers; however upon spotting a pylon they will immediately slam on the brakes. Said pylon need not be in their lane, on their side of the road or even have any potential to impact their drive whatsoever, it only need be in their line of vision. Upon passing said pylon the driver will remove foot from the brake and return to pre-pylon speeding"

I have been observing this phenomenon for months now. If you can come up with significant evidence to counter this theorum, please reply in comments.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

This weeks Beary Box Entry

This week I only got a layout done for the competition. Well that isn't completely true, I was at an all day crop on Saturday, and I did do a card using the layout but I forgot to take a picture of it before I put it into the box of cards to be donated to our troops overseas to send home throughout the year.

So my layout this week if of my neice and my nephew at their respective 1st birthday parties in Sept. They both thought the tissue paper was much more exciting than presents. Heck, Tyler got so excited that he tried to steal Emily's tissue paper at her party too!!

I love the bright colours that these pics allowed me to use, it was a little strange given the amount of Christmas cards I have been making.

Hope everyone is having a great week, I haven't even had a chance to see how many entries there are this week. I hope that there are lots because I am having so much fun with these challenges.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beary Box Layout Submission Week 2

So there is a whole lot of underlying sentimental meaning in this layout. These pictures were taken of my great aunt Fran in 2000 after I had had some bowel surgury, and she was about a year into her recovery of hers. Both of us were having slow recoveries and had lost an incredible amount of weight so we started a weight GAIN contest (can you believe it?!? In case you were wondering I have reached and surpassed the point of healthy weight...oops). Well about a month later she sent me a letter of encouragement, which I found yesterday when I was sorting out my non-scrapbooking crafting supplies to move them out of my parents house. Fran has since passed, and I think this may be the only actual letter I have from her not to mention probably one of the last that she wrote as her eyes were failing (the writing is very shakey). The letter is tucked behind the pictures.

I chose black and white because right after I found the letter I immediately had to go scan pictures of Fran to scrap with, and being at my parents house I didn't want to use all their printer ink, also, the pictures are taken at a family coffee party where the theme was "clashing" so it would have been a nightmare to match anything to. It turned out to be a great plan, because as I was pulling out paper I found the one I used as a background which happens to be called "Sparkle Rasberry Delight" from the Chocolate chalet line of Cloud 9 Designs. As soon as I saw the name I knew it had to be done on that piece because we used to pick rasberries at the cottage and she and my grandmother could live on chocolate (without putting on weight, unlike me). Finally I thought that her sparkling personality deserved the glitter letters, and then I obviously had to use some of the Heidi Swapp Glitter flowers that I have been hoarding for "That perfect layout".

I hope you enjoyed my story and that you enjoy my layout. I was wondering is anyone else having trouble with Blogger randomly rotating their pictures?

Beary Box Card Submission Week 2

Well Hello Again,

I decided that I would post both a layout and a card again this week because I had come up with my card idea in my head when I found a letter that required immediate scrapbooking. SOOO here is the card.

I love the pengiun stamp. I have several of them and would like to point out to all of those who may stock websites (hint hint)that no matter what the companies try to tell you the sock monkey WILL NOT replace the pengiun this year. I have decided.

As you can also see, I felt the need to play with my brand new cuttlebug embossing dies. I want to use them for everything, they give such instant gratisfaction (definition: gratification + satifaction= gratisfaction, thanks to my boy Shawn). I am also aware that this paper is soooo last year, but I love the use of colours; playful and regal all at once.

Oh, and in case you didn't realise from the HUGE shadow, the pengiun is pop-dotted off the chipboard!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Most Embarrassing Layout Competition"

Here is my entry for Memories in Motion's "Most embarrassing Layout Competition"

There are several awesome aspects of this picture I would like to point out, but have a look first.

  • That I embossed using a regular marker... and missed a whole lot of spots. Oh and of course there is a whole lotta dust all over the page, but you probably can't see that
  • There are fingerprints from the markers all over too
  • The LACK of colour scheme or any consideration of palette, pattern or continuity
  • The fact that there is a profuse use of templates to cut out pictures and paper. Only one of 4 stamps on the page has any actual relevance which is pretty rockin too
  • I also enjoy that the layout has no real use of a visual triangle, or any sort of outline other than the letters.
  • There is no journalling or labelling of any form. I give it another 2 years and I have no idea who these people are.... (ok so maybe a little longer than that, because I still talk to some of them thanks to faceplant, but you know)
  • I would also like to point out that there is also leopard print used as the mat of one of the pictures. I should win just for that simple fact.

I hope everyone enjoys this and has a great laugh.

Thanks for the great competition idea kelly!!

Field Mushroom Soup?!?

After much ado...
I have a serious problem with Tim Horton's newest flavour of soup; "Field Mushroom Soup". Guess what Tim Hortons? Button, portebello's or porchini mushroom DO NOT GROW IN FIELDS!! They are grown in dark places in compost. There are other types of mushrooms that are grown in fields such as oyster.

It all has to do with what type of fungi the mushroom is. please refer to

If by any chance Tim Hortons chefs are reading this, please remember that the public is not as dumb as you think we are...and can I get some free soup because of your false advertising?

This was a far less exciting rant than I had hoped it would be. I guess I let it fester to long. Sorry Guys.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Frowny face

Well I had a far less than productive day. I didn't make it to school because I was exhausted, I learned that I only needed to enter a card OR a layout instead of both for the challenge and neither of mine won (there was only one prize, the card that won was way nicer than mine anyway, I just wanted free stuff), my present from shawn (Christmas tree) doesn't light up all the way, and we went to see "Quantum of Solace" (major letdown).

Here are my thoughts on the Bond movie;

1) When did the Bond villans get so normal? Mr. Greene is NOT an acceptable Bond villan name and I understand they they are trying to make an action film that is relavant in today's world, however the classic Bond villans had fantastic names.

2) Why did Bond get not one cool gadget to play with? He had a sweet car, but it didn't do anything. The had some pretty cool computer screens and things of the like, but no actual toys at all.

3) Cheezy sexual inuendos were what made the classic films so good.

4) I must give props for the impressive chase scenes. They really did some neat things that somewhat redeemed the movie. I don't want to go into too much detail and wreck things.

I still think that the movie was OK, but it definately will not become a classic and is far from the calibre of the last one. That is that rant.

Moving on to Christmas Trees....SO Shawn decided that he needed to set up the christmas tree he bought me for my christmas present(I am aware that it is still November, but we are slow to do things. If we start now it may be decorated by New years). Inside the box it said "don't return to store, call our handy hotline if there is a problem". Well there is a busted string of lights so we called the hotline. It was random, but we will have to call back during regular business hours.

Again, I have not finished my research on my Tim Horton's Field Mushroom Soup expose, so maybe tommorrow.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I do a lot of online surveys, so I thought I should add them to the list here too.

Please Check out the surveys for me, and feel free to join the fun

Beary Box Card Submission

Hello Again

I have completed my card and I am going to post the sketch

And I am going to post 2 pics of my card because in one you get a little overwhelmed by the glitter because of the flash, but I really want to showcase how beautiful this angel stamp I found in the depths the crop room of my Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) is.

I hope that these give you a good look. Other than the glitter and my colouring with watercolour pencils, I stuck to a very neutral brown pallet. The sentimant is "Love and Joy come to you". I am to excited about Christmas to make any other sorts of cards right now!!! I asked Santa for a Pentax D200 camera so we will see if I have been naughty or nice.

Hope you enjoy!

First Beary Box Submission

So recently I have been watching a new scrap site, Love the people who run it, the ideas that are being posted, the products they carry, prices and most of all AMAZING customer service. I want to help grow this site and since they have started layout competitions I figured I would stretch my scrapbooker muscles and participate. I mean how can there be anything wrong with the potential for gift certificates while getting things done. So they give us a sketch, and we then interpret it. This is the sketch we were given.

This is my interpretation. I used pictures from the summer and really loved the way that the blue of the water and the sky worked with the red in everyone's clothes so I ran with that and added some glitter (because seriously, a layout isn't done without glitter!). It didn't photograph as well as I would have liked, but there is not such great natural light happenning in my house right now...ok there is none cause its the middle of the night.

Hope that everyone likes it, I love feedback.