Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Bit of Flower Making fun

Ok so the project of the day is lollipop flowers. What you will need to make these is very minimal. You need a few scraps of either polyester or nylon fabric. Definitely nothing natural! Natural only burns, not melts which is what we are looking for. You will also need some sort of either needle and thread or glue dots of some form. And finally a source of flame. I started using a barbecue lighter, but it was a lot of lighting so I switched to a  candle. A word of caution, have an ice water bath nearby just in case!!

The first thing you are going to need to do is cut out an array of different sized circles (they don't have to be close at all) from your fabric, even really small ones. I liked the idea of having a lot layers, so I did about 2 in many of the sizes. The next step is that you will run the edges CLOSE to the flame, not in the flame or it will catch on fire. These fabrics burn fast and this is how burns happen. While you do this you want slowly move the fabric around. You will see the edges melt, and on the smaller ones the circle will start to pucker which will give the finished product depth. If you do have a small bit catch fire, it should blow out easily but you definitely want to keep a close eye on things as you do this

The edges cool almost immediately so you can now move right on to stacking them up. You can then either stitch them together, or use some glue dots. On a few of them I sewed on some button centers. On some of the other ones I sprayed some with Glimmer Mist. Now you have to leave them to dry on their own because a heat gun will completely melt them! The glimmer mist colour will be muted once they dry because the sheer fabric I used won't hold a lot of the dye, but it will have a nice hint. So keep this in mind. You other option is to you know use different colours of material... but really who has money for that sort of shenanigans?

Once they dry you can use them on anything! You can make custom sizes with different materials to suit any project.

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