Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Good Always Wins

Well today had been a rough day, but I am powering through by focusing on the 2 good things that happened; first my package from Sweet Pea Stamps arrived (SQUEE as you all know), and THEN they announced a call for their design team!!! I know right? So if you are interested in being my competition, the call is on their blog. Just a warning, I spent the night fussy cutting the heck out of one of my new stamps to try to make something worthy of joining such an amazing group. So 2/3 submissions are ready.

Now it was pointed out to me that I promised to show you guys my star card a few weeks back. BAHAHAHA. Well let me tell you a story before I show you the picture. So I have see this card a few times, and I found a template and was all like "I can totally do that". Then my printer decided it hated life and I thought "well self, you are pretty darn good at math, you can make a triangle and some folds". Turns out not so much. So coincidentally this attempt uses a  Sweet Pea Stamp... and it is another little dragon man. This one is Lisa Victoria's Dragon Luck... this little fellow wasn't that lucky to end up on this card!! But I like the colouring with the copics so that is a little win. So I know it isn't horrible but the engineer in me can't deal with the non-meeting lines and things. 


Open (You can see my twitching here!)

Anyway. There will be more tomorrow... school still isn't fixed. But that's ok, I have new stamps!!

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