Monday, December 1, 2008

Colleen's Pylon Theorum

So there has been a whole lot of construction around my apartment lately. Being a keen observer of people, I have realized several things. First off; a large proportion of people forget or choose to disregard basic rules of the road shortly after attaining their lisence. This seems to become a more serious issue when there is potential for precipitation of some form or approaching major holidays.

Secondly, and the main focus of this rant, approximately 90% of people enjoy speeding. This is despite many posted limits, and I admit that I can be a speeder. What I have issues with it that there is a newly passed law which states "Speed fines will be doubled in construction areas", which I think is a fantastic idea. However, according to the majority of the population of the Halifax Regional Municipality construction zones are not defined by the large orange signs stating "Construction Zone" followed by a posted speed limit. Nor are the signs telling you that the lane you are driving in ends in 500 metres (which is a completely different rant... seriously people, why let the jerks that rush up the ending lane in? You are just encouraging them). The theorum I am putting forward today states

"Drivers of motor vehicles will not slow down for posted limits, construction signs, construction workers or flaggers; however upon spotting a pylon they will immediately slam on the brakes. Said pylon need not be in their lane, on their side of the road or even have any potential to impact their drive whatsoever, it only need be in their line of vision. Upon passing said pylon the driver will remove foot from the brake and return to pre-pylon speeding"

I have been observing this phenomenon for months now. If you can come up with significant evidence to counter this theorum, please reply in comments.


darksiderollerchick said...

omg in dartmouth crossing the other day there was a pile-on at the head of a big pile of snow! as if people wouldnt notice the snow but theyd see the pile-on!
i believe this lends creedance to your theory

gasman said...

Working in the petroleum / construction industry myself, and using pylons on a daily basis I have had people pull up beside, run over and generally disregard pylons and some how its always my fault that they don’t see the pylons. I’ll go one step further we had a site the other day surrounded by construction fence there was heavy equipment working and at least five guys in hard hats and safety vests and pylons blocking the entrance. There was just enough room between the pylons to get a car in between and this guy drives in and proceeds to get indignant when we tell him the place is closed, He said “I can see that now, I’m not stupid” I beg to differ with this man, NOW? The big Fence the heavy equipment and the pylons didn’t give it away before this point, it’s not until I tell you the place is closed that you can see that now???? I believe People are Sheep and Creatures of habit but mostly I believe people are IDIOTS. That’s my two cents worth on this subject.