Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beary Box Card Submission Week 4

If you are like me, you are reaching the point of having Christmas cards coming out your ears and even with the amazing array of new and non-traditional colour paper this year you are still getting a little sick of red and green!! For this weeks card I decided to use some less than traditional colours with a stamp that has been sadly underused this year.

The picture looks a little crooked for some reason, but trust me, my retentiveness would not allow that to happen. I think its just that my flash was giving a huge amount of glare and its about to pour out of the heavens here so its pretty freakin dark!!

Hope everyone is starting to feel festive!! Wow, I can't believe how that camera angle is bothering me.... that will get fixed once I finish my layout I think.


Tina said...

Cute card. Thanks for playing.

Tenia Nelson said...

Super cute!! Thanks for playing!!

Catherine said...

too cute, thanks for playing with the rest of us :)

V Colbourne said...

Fabby card-- just love that reindeer!! Thanks so much for playing along again this week :)

Sharon said...

Super pretty card.
about the lady with the scrapbooks and her work, It was a one time thing. I don't really know the lady, and was only able to go to her house in a tour a scrapbooking store who DOES know the lady had for their customers. I saw her albums and believe me they are gorgeous!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Stop by again soon! :)

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