Monday, January 5, 2009

Its been a while

Well I have been rather deliquant over the past few weeks, even though I have a bunch of things to post and have become super into stamps over the holidays. I got a shiney new camera for the holidays, so I am excited about showing you some of my pictures!! I would like to take the time to show you my first real christmas decorations with the man I love.

So that is the tree all lit up and not so lit up. I know the tree is big, but it looks SOO real and you wouldn't know that the lights were LED unless you got really close. That was the selling point for me actually and so the dear BF bought me the tree! If you will look closely you may notice that the top of the tree has a hideous topper on it, but it was the most acceptable thing we could find. I will have to either learn to crochet or hit some craft shows next year. I made the skirt myself, but its fairly plain so I won't dwell too much.

I also decided that since this is our first christmas living together and that the BF has never had his own stocking I would make one very special for him. So off we went to the craft store to pick our fabrics. He had never been to a fabric store, and very little concept of what fabric he could use. The first one he chose was drapery material and was super heavy and like $100 a meter or something obscene like that. Then next was flannel. The third he was convinced was perfect; it was a thin cotton, so I could totally make it work. He wanted pengiuns so he got them. Then I edged them with some bling ribbon so there could be a little shine, and then embroidered his name on it just for him. I did however realize upon completion that there was no place to hang these stockings other than putting tacks in the walls and that they may be a normal size but I get carried the stocking was filled to overflowing and put in a pile with the rest of the gifts from santa.

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday and is looking forward to a year of wonderful suprizes, crafting and breaking every resolution you made. Within the next 3 weeks if you are trying hard enough!!

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