Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some new Challenges

So I have been blogstalking and checking out stamp sites and all sorts of things over the holidays. I have found some interesting challenges, and as my stamp collection is still a work in progress there have been a few I haven't been able to participate in, but have been added to the wishlist for later.

I have also found some sites that are ok with you using products that aren't their own. I am really enjoying http://sweetnsassystampers.ning.com/forum . They had a really fun release party with a blog hop on friday night and I have started working on their challenges. I will also be purchasing many of thenew sets that were released because they are gorgeous!!

The first was the technique challenge was to use the paper tole technique in which you stamp at least 3 images they cut 2 of them apart and layer sections of the origional image. The result is beautiful, but is seriously time consuming. I pulled out a stamp that I have had for at least 10 years for this one, and it was probably not the greatest choice. The cutting was insane! It can be seen below from both the front and the side so you can see the pop ups.

The second challenge I have done is their colour challenge using black, grey, white, pink and gray. I really am enjoying the new Bazzil embossed cardstock, it makes me smile. Again these are stamps that I have had for so long I am not even sure what brand they are, but if anyone is interested I will go find them again. I like the colour combination in this one and I hope that you like the way it turned out.

I did a little bit of water colour penciling on the stampted images now that I have gotten the technique down a little better, it took a little while but one can do it with a brush, you just want a small one. And you REALLY don't need much water. So I have found if I take the brush, dip it in the water, run it up the side to get the extra water off then blot it on a paper towel I get a much nicer effect than I had been previously. This will even work if you are using a regular cardstock and not watercolour paper, just for the record.

Thanks for looking.


E.T said...

great cards! Love em!

Hugs from Pakistan!

Beary Box said...

nice cards you have there...what r u up to lately?