Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beary Box Card Submission Week 2

Well Hello Again,

I decided that I would post both a layout and a card again this week because I had come up with my card idea in my head when I found a letter that required immediate scrapbooking. SOOO here is the card.

I love the pengiun stamp. I have several of them and would like to point out to all of those who may stock websites (hint hint)that no matter what the companies try to tell you the sock monkey WILL NOT replace the pengiun this year. I have decided.

As you can also see, I felt the need to play with my brand new cuttlebug embossing dies. I want to use them for everything, they give such instant gratisfaction (definition: gratification + satifaction= gratisfaction, thanks to my boy Shawn). I am also aware that this paper is soooo last year, but I love the use of colours; playful and regal all at once.

Oh, and in case you didn't realise from the HUGE shadow, the pengiun is pop-dotted off the chipboard!!


E.T said...

The scallop idea is cool! Your card looks terrific! Thanks for playing!

Tina said...

Fantasic, love that penguin. Thanks for playing.

V Colbourne said...

Love love love it! I sooo need that cuttlebug folder- I can never find nice ones around here :( Thanks for joining in with us again this week!!! Keep playing :)

Tenia Nelson said...

Very cute card!! Thanks for playing!!

darksiderollerchick said...

penguin stamp makes me happy!