Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Most Embarrassing Layout Competition"

Here is my entry for Memories in Motion's "Most embarrassing Layout Competition"

There are several awesome aspects of this picture I would like to point out, but have a look first.

  • That I embossed using a regular marker... and missed a whole lot of spots. Oh and of course there is a whole lotta dust all over the page, but you probably can't see that
  • There are fingerprints from the markers all over too
  • The LACK of colour scheme or any consideration of palette, pattern or continuity
  • The fact that there is a profuse use of templates to cut out pictures and paper. Only one of 4 stamps on the page has any actual relevance which is pretty rockin too
  • I also enjoy that the layout has no real use of a visual triangle, or any sort of outline other than the letters.
  • There is no journalling or labelling of any form. I give it another 2 years and I have no idea who these people are.... (ok so maybe a little longer than that, because I still talk to some of them thanks to faceplant, but you know)
  • I would also like to point out that there is also leopard print used as the mat of one of the pictures. I should win just for that simple fact.

I hope everyone enjoys this and has a great laugh.

Thanks for the great competition idea kelly!!

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