Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Frowny face

Well I had a far less than productive day. I didn't make it to school because I was exhausted, I learned that I only needed to enter a card OR a layout instead of both for the bearybox.com challenge and neither of mine won (there was only one prize, the card that won was way nicer than mine anyway, I just wanted free stuff), my present from shawn (Christmas tree) doesn't light up all the way, and we went to see "Quantum of Solace" (major letdown).

Here are my thoughts on the Bond movie;

1) When did the Bond villans get so normal? Mr. Greene is NOT an acceptable Bond villan name and I understand they they are trying to make an action film that is relavant in today's world, however the classic Bond villans had fantastic names.

2) Why did Bond get not one cool gadget to play with? He had a sweet car, but it didn't do anything. The had some pretty cool computer screens and things of the like, but no actual toys at all.

3) Cheezy sexual inuendos were what made the classic films so good.

4) I must give props for the impressive chase scenes. They really did some neat things that somewhat redeemed the movie. I don't want to go into too much detail and wreck things.

I still think that the movie was OK, but it definately will not become a classic and is far from the calibre of the last one. That is that rant.

Moving on to Christmas Trees....SO Shawn decided that he needed to set up the christmas tree he bought me for my christmas present(I am aware that it is still November, but we are slow to do things. If we start now it may be decorated by New years). Inside the box it said "don't return to store, call our handy hotline if there is a problem". Well there is a busted string of lights so we called the hotline. It was random, but we will have to call back during regular business hours.

Again, I have not finished my research on my Tim Horton's Field Mushroom Soup expose, so maybe tommorrow.

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