Monday, August 22, 2011

Chalk it up.

Good Evening All;

I hope that people are getting their colouring entries ready for me, Friday will be the deadline. A friend asked me to show how I colour with chalk so today that is our topic. Let's get started.

First stamp your image. I am using another fabulous image from Sweet Pea Stamps today. I have stamped using Staz-On , but it isn't neccessary.

Get your chalks out and ready to go.

Option one for colouring is to use little eye shadow daubers.

Option 2 is to use a cotton swab. I always remove some of the extra cotton so that I have more control with the colour. I give a little tug, then cut off the excess. When you have picked up the chalk on your dauber of choice, give it a little blow just like you would do with eyeshadow before you apply it. This just gets rid of some of the extra little dust that comes up and will prevent it from falling where you don't want on your image.

Again I always start with the lightest colour and work my way to darkest. I don't usually worry much about shading when working with chalks because it doesn't really show up. I like to use a light pressured, circular motion. Keep in mind you can always add more colour but taking away is harder. You will have to blow excess dust off your project every so often, welcome to the world of chalk.

Move on to your next colour, this time I am using the cotton swab. Don't try to put more than one colour per dauber or clean off the eye shadow ones, it just results in a mess.

Once you have coloured your image completely it will look something like this.

To set the chalk you will need to burnish the image. For demonstration only, I used a muffin paper. Don't do it this way. Put a piece of scrap paper down overtop of your image and use a bone folder or your finger to burnish it.

Now you can stop there, your image will hold up just fine. Personally, being a glitter nut I like to spray a little glimmer mist overtop. This is diamond glaze, and just adds a touch of glimmer, it isn't overwhelming or easy to capture using a picture.

This is my totally finished image. There is a little chalk outside the lines from my muffin paper burnishing. If you use the paper method you won't have this.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Don't be afraid to get out those chalks, they are inexpensive and easy to use.

Tomorrow I am going to be posting some of my submissions for design team calls... we will see how it goes.

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